Brundo International Modjo Ethiopia

Brundo International Modjo Ethiopia

So in this segment, we will highlight some of the things we do and where we aspire to be by the end of this year. As many of you know, initially Brundo started out as a small retail store, two doors down from Café Colucci our sister restaurant in Oakland, CA.

It was 1998, the Ethiopian community in the Bay Area was growing exponentially and the need for Ethiopian spices and products was high. Brundo became the one stop shop for Ethiopian products, selling spices, injera and raw meat. In fact, the name Brundo means “Butcher shop” and at the time, we were selling a lot of meat products. We noticed the sudden interest in Ethiopian food and the need for recipes and cooking classes. We started renting culinary kitchens to hold our cooking classes and the demand kept growing.  Simultaneously, our catering services were picking up too and we were constantly in need of spices to hold up our restaurant and retail store.

In 2009, with the scarcity and low quality of spices received from our distributors, we decided to venture off to Ethiopia and see if we can import our own spices. That endeavor has been a blessing and we were able to open Brundo International, the first commercial scale spice blending and agro-processing company in Mojo, Ethiopia to fully support our work in the US (see last’s month blog for details). What started out as a small retail store in Oakland was now selling products online and reaching out people from all over the world. We now specialize in natural, organic, sustainable and heirloom products working directly with local farmers. We are known for our unique spices, chili peppers, and legume blends (hummus, Shouro) and oil seed (safflower, flax and sesame). We import directly from our spice factory, package them at our distribution facility located in Oakland and sell them by mail in markets and homes around the United States. With our first shipment that arrived on November 2015, we are busy marketing and distributing.

Our future plan is to gain organic certification as we’re currently waiting to be validated by USDA. We also plan on buying more machinery and equipment to ensure quality output and expand our processing plant. We also plan on improving the logistics of our shipping, storing and distribution as we grow the business. We strive to bring you quality products.

For further information email us at or call at 510-289-4050.