Every end marks a new beginning….

Every end marks a new beginning….

Kiremet alfo bega siteka ….. (Translation “Winter gone, Spring taking over”)

It’s 2015 in the west but Ethiopians will be ushering in the year of 2008 on September 12th, a leap year this time. Seven years and eight months behind the Gregorian calendar, the Ethiopian calendar is one of its kind. The first day of new years falls at the end of the rainy days and the sun signals the arrival of a new season, gracing the fields and mountains with fresh Daisies, known as Adey Abeba

Enkutatash, literally means the “gifts of Jewels” and is often referred to as the 1st day of the year (Meskerem 1). It’s a day many Ethiopians look forward to. A day to start fresh and celebrate with the hopes of good fortunes for the New Year. It’s a time of unfolding horizons and realization of dreams. It’s a new day and new beginning.

Although the festivities varies from region to region it’s often times celebrated with parishioners attending church service early morning and young children going from door to door singing new year songs and giving bouquets of daisies and art works, while showering their neighbors with countless blessings. People call their loved ones to wish them a happy new year or stop by to exchange gifts and share traditional meals together. 

The food is not to be missed on this day. Dishes such as Doro Wot (the popular chicken stew simmered in Berbere Sauce); Begue Wot and Alicha (lamb with hot berbere or turmeric sauce); Tibs (with your choice of meat, chicken, beef or lamb sautéed with onions and tomatoes); Doulet (a challenging delicacy of minced lamb tripe, liver and lean beef with onions and jalapenos); Kitfo (minced beef seasoned with mitmita and clarified butter with a side of Ayeb, Ethiopian cheese); Defo dabo (Ethiopian bread) are some of the dishes that grace the table along with some Tej (honey wine) and Tella (Ethiopian beer). Addis Amet is quiet unique and a memorable time of joviality. Wherever you may be at this time, we hope that you can partake in this festivity and bring in the New Year with reaffirmations of love from your family and friends.

The Brundo family wishes you a prosperous year and many blessings in the year to come.

Yellow is the symbol of peace, hope and love. From September to November, these daisies cover the hills, valleys and mountains of Ethiopia hence making it a perfect start for the New Year. 
Enkwan Aderesachu