Lent before Easter in Ethiopia

Telba Roasted Ethiopian flax

For many Christian Orthodox Ethiopians, the last 55 days before Easter are a season of lent, 40 days corresponding to the days Christ fasted & 15 days to pray for the world we live in, for Ethiopia & her leaders. During this time, many abstain from dairy products & meat & adhere to a strict vegan diet. Many attend daily church service early morning or after work. Christian butcher shops in Ethiopia are closed around this time. Music stores stop their usual blast of the latest songs & instead put out spiritual melodies. This a period of spiritual exercise & many refrain from planning a wedding during this time. What makes it interesting is the mutual respect between Muslims & Christians. This lent season is understood by all faiths and even though it doesn't apply to Muslims & to non orthodox Christians, the Fasting period is well supported. For that extent, Fasting is not generally viewed as a hardship, but rather a privilege and joy in preparing for the coming "Feast Day" or Fasika