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Abish |አብሸ| Fenugreek

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Known as the “seed of antiquity,” Ethiopian Abish (fenugreek) carries a subtle bitterness that immerses any dish with depth and richness. Stir it into a stew to compliment the sweetness of your vegetables or do it the traditional Ethiopian way and add it to your bread or injera mixture.  

Pro Tip: Make sure to lightly roast the seeds or soak them for at least an hour before adding them to your favorite recipe. Oh, and use sparingly — these little seeds pack a punch!  

Suggested Uses: Doro Wot and Injera- can also be used to ground up in Vegetable dishes and stews to add more flavor.

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Product: Whole Seed

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Abish (Fenugreek)


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