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Telba |ተልባ| Wild Flax Seed

$ 16.95

The worldwide cultural phenomenon of flax seed isn’t a new occurrence. Since ancient times, Ethiopian culture has developed numerous uses for the tiny seed, both culinary and medicinal.

The versatility of the Ethiopian Flax Seed varies from gelatin-like beverages extracted from a boiled down reduction to healthy, toasted flax seed snacks.  You can even add a spoonful of Telba to your favorite smoothie for an added Omega-3 boost!

A bit of a warning — Telba has a mild laxative effect is consumed in large doses so enjoy, but not too much (unless that’s your intentionally using it for medicinal purposes, of course).

Suggested uses: ground for flour, smoothies, granola

Raw Whole Seed 

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Ethiopian Flax Seed


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