Nitter Kibbe | ንጥር ቂቤ - Seasoned Clarified Butter

Nitter kibbe is a sweetened, unsalted and seasoned clarified butter used in flavorful cooking. Seasoned with aromatics and spices, the Ethiopian version lends a depth of flavor to slow-cooked stews, like Doro Wat; braised vegetables; sautéed meat; or even tofu!

This is the kind of butter you can’t stop eating. Niter kibbeh has a long shelf life, and it can be used for cooking at higher temperatures.

Culinary tradition calls for it to be carefully seasoned with organic koseret--a clarifying herb, and cooked gently with thyme, cardamom, and other selected spices until clear.

Ingredients: butter, kosseret, thyme, cardamom, ginger, garlic and other spices.