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Alicha Kimem |አልቻ ከመም| Mild Sauce Blend

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Brundo's Alicha Kimem is an array of organic spices blended carefully to enhance the zest of mild turmeric sauce, vegetable stews, sea foods, and barbeque sauces. It is an all-occasion delicate spice blend. An array of organic spices, a sprinkle of this subtle blend enhances the zest of mild turmeric sauces, vegetable stews, seafood sautés, and barbeque sauces. Used as a rub for fish, shrimp, chicken, and other seafood, its taste is singular and the aroma amazing.

Suggested uses: Doro Alicha, Kik Alicha, Fossolia, nontraditional use in meat or vegetable stews, roasts, or sautees. 

Powdered Spice Blend - 2 oz

Ingredients: Ird (Tumeric), garlic, ginger, Bessobela, Tossegn, Netch Azmud

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