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Matafecha |ማታፈቻ| Spice Blend

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Need a gift idea for that bride-to-be? Look no further than Brundo’s Matafecha Spice Blend! This all-purpose spice is traditionally presented as a gift from mothers to their newlywed daughters. It’s believed that an effective blend of this spice can help solidify a new bride’s reputation as a "balemoya" among her in-laws.

But for the rest of us, Matafecha is a great flavor enhancer used to complement and magnify the taste, aroma, and flavor of nearly any meat or vegetable dish.

Suggested uses: Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas, Doro Alicha

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Powdered Spice Blend - 2oz

Origin:  Ethiopia

Ingredients: Kundo Berbere (Black Pepper), Korerima (Black Cardamom), Abish (Fenugreek), Shai Kimem (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom)

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