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Makulaya |ማቁላያ| Spice Blend

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The art of spice blending is rooted in balance and flavor. Brundo’s Makulaya Sauteeing Spice Mix “blends” these two elements into a full-bodied seasoning combination sure to transform your next sauteed dish.

 This combination of sun-dried, organic spices and herbs bursts with flavor while seamlessly complementing each other.

Commonly used as a thickening agent for wot dishes, our Makulaya spice blend offers a wide variety of uses from Misser Wot to traditional pasta sauces.

Suggested uses: Misser Wot, add to the base of meat and pasta sauces, sprinkle on roast vegetables

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Powdered Spice Blend - 2oz

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Abish (Fenugreek), Tikur Azmud (Nigella Seed), garlic, ginger, Netch Azmud (Caraway Seed), Kundo Berbere (Black Pepper)

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