Brundo Spice Company

Makulaya |ማቁላያ| Spice Blend

$ 7

Makulaya Spice Blend

Brundo’s Makulaya Spice Blend is a rich blend of sun-dried, organic spices and herbs. This flavorful spice mix is used in the initial stages of sauteing and caramelizing onions to enrich the base and thicken the sauce for wot dishes.

Suggested uses: Misser Wot, add to base of meat and pasta sauces, sprinkle on roast vegetables

Powdered Spice Blend - 2oz

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Abish, Tikur Azmud, Bishop's Weed, garlic, ginger, Netch Azmud, Kundo Berbere

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