Brundo Spice Company

Awaze | አዋዜ - Chili Pepper Blend

$ 7.95


Seasoned with sweeter, more aromatic spices, Awaze is a milder chili powder abd past condiment. It is usually blended into a paste with honey wine, olive oil or seasoned butter. 

Brundo’s unique blend of mild Chili Pepper Paste made with handpicked spices and herbs. The deep red chili pepper, indigenous to Ethiopia, is blended with sun-dried, organic culinary herbs and spices is an incredible tasting condiment dip.This condiment is traditionally used as a dip for grilled meat, vegetables or spicy dip for Kurt (Ethiopian-style beef sashimi). It’s also flavorful added to sauces or used as a spice rub and marinade.

2oz Powder

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredient: Mareko Peppers, spices, awazay, awase

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