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Berbere |በርበሬ| Base Chili Blend

$ 6
Berbere is the heart and soul, the main ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine. It is used as a universal seasoning for most sauces, meats, vegetables, and legumes. The best Berbere grows in Mareko, Ethiopia, where we buy from selected farmers. We process our own Berbere in Mojo, Ethiopia using time-tested traditional spice blending methods.

Berbere is layered with an array of sun-dried organic culinary herbs and aromatic spices, it serves as the quintessential flavor enhancer.

Suggested uses: All Wot dishes (Begue, Sega, Doro, Minchet, Misser), Sega Tibs, sprinkle on roasted vegetables, eggs & avocado, etc. 

Powdered Spice Blend 

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: chili peppers, garlic, ginger, Bessobela, Korerima, Abish, Tena Adem, Tikur Azmud, Kundo Berbere


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