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Korerima |ኮሮሪማ| Black Cardamom

$ 11

Not many spices carry the culinary versatility of Brundo’s Korerima (Black Cardamom). Minty yet smoky, earthy yet floral, our open-fire roasted Korerima is guaranteed to quickly join your top five favorite spices.

The potency of the whole seed intensifies the distinct flavors of Korerima that add a one-of-a-kind savoriness to meat-based dishes such as Kitfo (Ethiopian style steak tar-tar) and spice blends.

The versatility of this seed can make for some creative dishes! A small handful of freshly ground Korerima seeds can create a smoky infusion to your favorite recipe.  

Suggested uses: Sega and Begue Tibs, Sega Alicha, Kitfo, Gomen, Begue Wot

Whole Seed 

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Ethiopian black cardamon seeds


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