Cooking Class

Ethiopian Cooking with Pepper and Spice!

Ethiopian popular and traditional cooking is simple; humble for big families, popular among foodies everywhere and Brundo's cooking class will help you add spice to healthy eating, and fine dining.

The beginning class introduces Ethiopian ingredients, such as fresh herbs, grains, spices and teaches the basic cooking techniques. If you're looking for fresh and healthy with a splash of exotic taste, this class is for you. Sign up now!

Ethiopian culinary traditions include the origins of coffee, honey wine and traditional dishes that tantalize the taste buds with exotic spices, flavored meats and vegetables as well as common and indigenous ingredients. Our style of cooking comes from our mother’s teaching as a youth in Addis Abeba and large family gatherings. Our process is creative and fun, but most importantly it is engaging and easy.

Preserving ancient Ethiopian culinary art and bringing unique flavors for the modern pallet through healthy and organic spices. A flavorful nourishment!!!

Vegan 3 dishes
Class Includes
Meat 3 dishes
Class Includes -
Vegan & Meat 3 dishes
Class Includes
Baking & Roasting
Class includes: Instruction, grocery, hands on cooking, a meal with Ethiopian Honey Wine, an explanation of spices, and a spice market.
Time: from 11AM - 2PM*
To register: Email
Cancellations: Email 48 hours prior
*Classes subject to change.
It is our pleasure to teach and share with you all the techniques that was passed down for generations using the Ethiopian Pepper & Spice book written by Cafe Colucci|Brundo Owner & Founder, Fetlework Tefferi. Through passing on our traditional and regional cuisine and sourcing our spices directly from farmers we strive to encourage farming of plants and seeds characteristic of the local ecosystem.
We also offer a book by our founder and owner of Cafe Colucci Resturant, Fetlework Tefferi called "Ethiopian Pepper & Spice." Great companion to the class as reference for additional recipes.