Berbere | በርበሬ - Chili Pepper Blend

Our special blend of berbere will make your cooking a pleasurable experience with the fragrant and fun mix of flavors and hot spices. Berbere is the heart and soul of Ethiopian cuisine: it is a main ingredient in dishes all over Ethiopia. It is used as a universal seasoning for most sauces, meats, vegetables and legumes. Berebere is the quintessential flavor enhancer.

We dry our chili pepper in natural light to give it the proper time to age, and that in turn makes a final product with an amazing flavor you won't get anywhere else. Cooking with our special blend of berbere is an experience all on its own. The mouthwatering berebere aromas from the kitchen keeps your guests interested in what is to come--and the final result doesn’t disappoint. This is the secret spice the chefs don’t want you to know about.

Origin: Ethiopia

Uses: most Ethiopian sauces; meat, vegetable and legumes.

Ingredients: chili peppers, garlic, ginger, basil, korarima, rue and fenugreek