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BoonBoona |ቡንቦና| Roasted Coffee

$ 18

Our friends in Renton, WA Boon Boona Coffee are exclusive African Coffee Roasters who are adding more value in an equitable way to African Coffee Producers while producing magnificent coffee!

Boon Boona Coffee is our preferred Coffee Source for high quality third wave coffee beans and the bridge between African specialty coffee and You.

We are proud to offer two of their coffee products here - visit their site for more!

Ethiopia Dur Feres: Dur Feres means Wild Horse in Amharic and is Catalyst Trade's flagship community lot. It has the same level of tractability as their top-shelf offerings, is organic certified, and maintains a steady flavor profile. Furthermore, the washing stations that provide coffee for this blend are operated by the company's Ethiopian shareholders. When we sip Dur Feres, we taste blueberries up front and cacao nibs in the finish. It has a round body with medium acidity and a lingering finish. We love this coffee and the people who make it happen!

Ethiopia Adado: Apricot, vanilla and cherry are some of the flavors you will enjoy in our espresso, Adado. This high altitude-grown coffee also packs a lot of sweetness and juicy acidity. Adado Cooperative is located in Bule within the Gedeo Zone. It's northeast of Yirgacheffe, one of the best-known and most celebrated coffee growing region in Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is a very small town with thousands of smallholders growing coffee in the surrounding region.



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