Brundo Spice Company

Messob Spice Box

$ 35

Whether you're trying us out for the first time, or a long-time customer in need of a new batch of spices, we've got you covered with our Messob Spice Box!

We are in the process of making our Messob Spice Box build-your-own style, where you have full control over what goes in your Messob. But in the meantime, we have carefully crafted two different box combinations for you to enjoy😊

1. M&M&M&M - Manteria, Matafecha, Mekelesha, Makulaya

2. Mild to Fire Chili Pepper Blends - Afrenje, Awaze, Berbere, Mitmita

(Currently only available in black on kraft)


we look good together

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