The class introduces Ethiopian ingredients, such as fresh herbs, grains, spices and teaches the basic cooking techniques. If you're looking for fresh and healthy with a splash of exotic taste, this class is for you.

Ethiopian culinary traditions include the origins of coffee, teff, honey wine and traditional dishes that tantalize the taste buds with exotic spices, flavored meats and vegetables with indigenous ingredients. Our style of cooking comes from our mothers' home teachings in Ethiopia. Our process is creative, simple and fun, but most importantly it is engaging.

Our instructors will guide class participants through the basics of how to balance and harmonize flavors and timing. Participants will actively participate in tasting, getting to know the different primary flavors and their sources, and learning how ingredients interact with one another to affect the way you experience the flavor of the dish. The result will be the 'know-how' to help identify the process from start to finish and when and how to prepare quick fix 'Tibs' to traditional authentic 'Doro Wot'. 

Classes include instructions, three dishes per group, vegan or meat, materials, grocery, recipes, hands-on cooking, a meal of the group's prepared dishes with Injera and Tej Ethiopian honey wine, an explanation of spices and a class photo.