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Manteria |ቂቤ ማንጠሪያ| Butter Seasoning Blend

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Want the secret sauce to almost every Ethiopian dish and stew? Here it is — Manteria (butter seasoning spice). This aromatic blend of wholesome spices and rich herbs is perfect for flavoring clarified butter and seasoning cooking oil.

As soon as you add this balanced butter spice, you will recognize the full-bodied flavors of Kosseret, cardamom, and other staples in Ethiopian cuisine. If you don’t have access to traditional Ethiopian butter, simply add to your current cooking oil and enjoy!

Suggested uses: Niter Kibbeh

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Spice Blend- 2oz

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: ginger, garlic, Korerima (Black Cardamom), Kosseret, Tikur Azmud (Nigella Seed), Netch Azmud (Caraway Seed), Ird (Turmeric), Besobela (Sacred Basil)

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