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Brundo Ethiopian Spices

Brundo Spices is an Ethiopian Women Owned Corporation that is fully operated by East Africans. We are headquartered in Modjo Ethiopia where we have our farms and processing plants that employ 45 people on a year round basis. From Modjo, to West Oakland, to you- we are committed to bringing the highest quality goods from Ethiopia and show the world the beauty of East African cuisine through heirloom spices and herbs. All of our products are imported directly from Modjo, Ethiopia.

ethiopian niter kibbeh collection with ahara ghee

Ethiopian Niter Kibbeh Collection

Brundo Spices

Ethiopian Niter Kibbeh Collection

$ 14.99

A Brundo Spice Company collaboration with Ahara Ghee!

Niter Kibbeh is the spiced clarified butter that hails from Ethiopia and Eritrea. Also known as "tesmi" this rich cooking oil is made a bit differently in every home.Our Traditional Niter Kibbeh is a collaboration with our friends at Ahara Ghee. This kibbeh is a time-tested blend of Ethiopian butter clarifying herbs sure to please even the most serious Ethiopian cooks.

The Fanct Niter Kibbeh is a delightful, spiced clarified butter that hails from Ethiopia. Use as a fragrant and savory cooking oil, a dollop for stews or mixed with Berbere spice as a condiment. This is Ahara Ghee's signature blend is as delightful for cooking eggs, veggies and meats as it is on your popcorn. Let yourself be creative!

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