Messob Spice Box

Brundo Spice Company

Messob Spice Box

$ 35

Whether you're trying us out for the first time, or a long-time customer in need of a new batch of spices, we've got you covered with our Messob Spice Box!

We are in the process of making our Messob Spice Box build-your-own style, where you have full control over what goes in your Messob. But in the meantime, we have carefully crafted two different box combinations for you to enjoy😊

1. M&M&M&M - Manteria, Matafecha, Mekelesha, Makulaya

2. Mild to Fire Chili Pepper Blends - Afrenje, Awaze, Berbere, Mitmita

(Currently only available in black on kraft)


MODJO ethiopia to you

We are an Ethiopian Women-Owned Company that prioritizes sustainable and equitable business practices, from our farm to your kitchen.

From Modjo, to North Oakland, to you- we are committed to bringing the highest quality goods from Ethiopia and show the world the beauty of East African cuisine through heirloom spices and herbs.

All of our products are imported directly from our processing facility in Modjo, Ethiopia which employs 37 people on a yearly basis.