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Brundo imports organic herbs, spices, legumes, and exotic blends essential for the preparation of gourmet Ethiopian food. We also provide prepared food, such as seasoned clarified butter and dried Injera. What makes Brundo different is that we source our products directly from the farmers and observe the seasonal harvests to bring you products of the utmost quality. Our agronomists offer free support to our farmers to improve the production results of our organic products. We are committed to the farm-to-table ideology and support natural and sustainable practices.


A dream come true

December 01, 2015

This is how the story begins…. In 2006, our restaurant Café Colucci, which has been serving Ethiopian food for bay area residents since 1991, started experiencing a major problem in securing quality products from Ethiopia. Spices such as Berbere (red hot chili pepper) became scarce and the quality of our other spices we received from our distributors fluctuated. The same happened at our retail store Brundo as we were constantly running out of spices to sell. This was frustrating as our supply became unpredictable and most of all unreliable and our restaurant was unable to serve customers with quality food. After changing suppliers and witnessing that the problem remained, we decided to do the unthinkable and find a solution ourselves....

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