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Awaze |አዋዜ| Mustard Chili Blend

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There are very few spice blends that carry the same full-bodied notes and versatility as Awaze does. Looking for a dip or marinade for your favorite grilled meats? Simply blend this intoxicating chili powder with a hoppy beer or red wine. Need a dry rub for a healthy salmon dinner? A handful of this sun-dried, blend of herbs and spices should do the trick! 

Now, we understand table manners but when you dip your favorite meat into Awaze, you’ll see that this one is just too finger-licking good!

Suggested uses: Awaze paste dip, marinade, or rub for meats such as Kurt (Ethiopian-style beef sashimi).

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Powdered Spice Blend 

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Mareko Chili Peppers, Senafitch (Mustard Seed), Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon


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