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Ird |እርድ| Wild Turmeric

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Brundo’s Ird (Ethiopian Tumeric) is characterized by poignant tones that are a staple in Eastern African cooking.

The pungent and earthy-bitter root has a distinct flavor that is commonly used to enrich alicha recipes and other mild stews and sauces.

 Apart from its culinary uses, turmeric’s powerful anti-inflammatory agents have long been used for medicinal purposes including aiding digestion, cleansing the skin, and more. 

Fun Fact: This naturally occurring “food dye” is responsible for the yellow-orange appearance of most Ethiopian dishes.

Suggested uses: Doro Alicha, Kik Alicha, Sega Alicha, juices and smoothies, sprinkle over roasted and sauteed vegetables

Powdered Spice 2oz

Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Dried and powdered Ird (Ethiopian turmeric root)

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