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Netch Azmud |ነጭ አዝሙድ| Caraway Seed

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Prepare for an aromatic explosion of earthy fragrances, potently packaged into small crescent-shaped seeds. The Ethiopian Caraway is perfect for bringing balance to a, particularly spicy or sweet dish.

In Ethiopia, Netch Azmud is often found in mild sauces such as Kik Alicha, seafood sauces, and homebaked bread.  

We recommend that you go easy on the Netch Azmud — this tiny seed packs a powerful punch that can dominate a dish. A small spoon or two (depending on the volume of the recipe) will do the job!

Suggested uses: Kik Alicha, bread, seafood sauces, herb-crusted fishes, such as cod or tilapia

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Origin: Ethiopia

Ingredients: Dried caraway seed

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